TUNE IN TO YOUR INNER ARTIST ~ A variety of unique classes

Debbie is available to facilitate classes for spas, spiritual centers, support groups and parties

One of Debbie's paintings.  What do you see?

Debbie's self portrait painting.  

TUNE IN...     what do you see?

More than an art class

A painting by Debbie.  Can you see some of the many critters and other helpers that showed up?

One of Debbie's Spiritual paintings .   Many animals and symbols showed up in this painting by Debbie...Do you see them?

Classes for ages 8 - 90 and beyond


Debbie's Art Classes STRENGTHEN your psychic senses and ability to TUNE IN to the messages from your soul and the synchronicity that shows up in your life and painting. 

TUNE IN To Your Inner Artist Class


Tune In To Your Inner Artist

NO art experience needed! 

  • Experience how easy it is to Tune In and create an abstract expressionistic painting using acrylics with the Valarie Rogers technique and Debbie’s unique process for bringing it all together. 

  • Also includes the meaning of colors, symbols and the synchronicity that shows up in your painting and life!  

  • Everyone receives a reading, and participants are encouraged to Tune In and share messages with classmates.  

  • Class fee is typically $36 per person and includes materials and a large canvas.

  • This class can also be facilitated as an Uncork the Wine & Tune In To Your Inner Artist.  The facility, host or hostess provides the wine and Debbie's provides all of the art materials.  

RELAX Your Body & Mind with Flow Art



NO  art experience is needed!

  • What is FLOW ART?  Flow art is the latest painting trend that is also considered a new type of meditation with many health benefits. 

  • Experience how EASY it is to RELAX the BODY and QUIET the MIND while CREATING a one of a kind FLOW ART MASTERPIECE!   

  • Class fee is typically $36 per personal includes all materials

The Magic of Color & Sound ~ Color Therapy


The Magic of Color & Sound

NO art experience needed!  

  • Experience an introspective process using water colors.  

  • Learn how color and music affect your mood, choices, chakras, health, and more!  

  • Everyone receives a reading and takes home an abstract water color. 

  • Class fee is typically $25 per person includes all materials.