Debbie's Spiritual Art Classes & Home Parties

NO art experience needed

One of Debbie's paintings.  What do you see?

One of Debbie's paintings.  TUNE IN...     what do you see?

It's more than an art class

A painting by Debbie.  Can you see some of the many critters and other helpers that showed up?

Another recent painting by Debbie.  Many animals, other helpers and symbols showed up in this painting by Debbie...Do you see them?

Six Psychic Senses

Debbie's Art Classes STRENGTHEN your psychic senses and ability to TUNE IN to the messages from your soul and spirit helpers.  


 Experience how easy it is to Tune In and create an abstract expressionistic painting using acrylics with the Valarie Rogers technique and Debbie’s unique process for bringing it all together. 

It's easy!

The class also includes the meaning of colors, symbols and the synchronicity that shows up in your painting and life!  Everyone receives a reading, and participants are encouraged to Tune In and share messages with classmates.  Class fee is typically $36 per person and includes all materials and a large canvas.  A trip charge fee may apply for some areas . 

Home Parties

This class can be facilitated at schools, spas, spiritual centers, support groups, home parties and etc.   Contact Debbie to schedule a class or home party!  


Phone/text:  951.833.6597