Reiki & Shamanic Drumming Classes

TUNE IN To Your Inner Drummer


Gather with Debbie and experience how to TUNE IN To Your Inner Drummer.  An interactive retreat style training day with three drums:  The buffalo (hoop) drum, Ocean drum and Bahia Black Earth  Drum.  

Tuition:  $153 plus $45 student kit fee.  Student kit includes training manual, large crystal, drumming mallet, handouts, misc. materials for ceremony and certificate of completion.

NO experience needed


Rhythms of the Heart Shamanic Drumming can be used alone and it also combines well with: Western medicine and alternatives such as:  Reiki, Massage Therapy, Sound Therapy, Reflexology, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Shamanic and etc.

Science & Shamans Unite


Learn how the ancients used the drum as a sacred healing tool, and how science and shamans unite on the many biological and psycho-social benefits from drumming.   

Spirit Helpers


Includes how to TUNE IN through the drum to messages from your soul, your power animal and other spirit helpers. 

Ceremonies & Songs


Experience ceremonies, songs, how to combine the law of attraction and more!   

Reiki Drumming Master Teacher Training


A training class for anyone wanting to teach Reiki Drumming or Shamanic Drumming classes.  Contact Debbie when you are ready for any level of training:


Phone/text:  951.833.6597