Mercury Retrograde and...

Mercury Retrograde 


“A bad day for your ego, is a good day for your soul”

By Debbie Nuccio Durrough

July and August 2018

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted...

The next Mercury Retrograde is July 26 through August 19, 2018. You may begin to notice changes in the energies a few weeks before Mercury goes retrograde, and some residual energy typically lingers a couple of weeks after Mercury goes direct.  

Do you dread Mercury Retrograde?

 For many years I did until discovering how to work with the supporting energies. Understanding how, when and where the energies from the universal year, universal month (even better when you also know your personal year cycle) and Mercury Retrograde can best support you gifts you with many opportunities to heal the repeating patterns in your life and/or family tree patterns that get in the way of you expressing your full potential. 

Mercury Retrograde signals a time, season and reason to Rest, Reflection, Review, Revise, Reconcile and all the other “Re” words except REACT!  

Everyone “universally” throughout 2018 are vibrating to 11/2 Energy. 11/2 is highly charged emotional energy. Feeling frustrated and misunderstood goes without saying during a Mercury Retrograde. And it is so very easy to take everything personally and REACT. Now add to our Mercury Retrograde the 11/2 Universal Year energy, the month of July’s 9-energy, and the month of August’s 1-energy. All of which practically forces us to slow down, calm down, revisit our past, accept it for what it is, and then integrate it. 

All of the collective energies and Mercury Retrograde support balancing and healing anything dealing with your emotions, drama, your past, relationships, connections, keeping the peace, diplomacy, speaking up quicker, self-awareness, finishing what you started, releasing old belief systems, knowing the difference between those that feed your ego, or those that feed your soul, letting go of what is no longer of service to your highest good, finishing what you have already started, clearing the clutter from your home, mind, body and spirit. 

Mercury rules communication and machinery. A Mercury Retrograde can bring its share of challenges with all forms of communication and machinery, and it’s not the best time to start anything new, make new commitments or purchase new appliances, electronics, equipment, vehicles, etc. Spoiler Alert…communication (verbal, written, phones, computers, Facebook, websites, twitter, etc.), and machinery (office machinery, vehicles, appliances, etc.) may slow down or crash during a Mercury Retrograde. If this happens, don’t panic! If you can’t wait to fix and/or purchase a new item, do so. Otherwise, it’s OK to fix it and/or purchase a new item during a Mercury Retrograde. Just make sure you understand the return policy and all warranties. 

It may be helpful to know that for some, starting something “new” under a Mercury Retrograde typically fizzles out and/or at best can be frustrating due to the timing being off or the many changes and/or revisions that will come up. However, do remember it is an excellent time to Revisit, Revise, and Re-invent yourself and your work and complete anything that was already started and clear out and let go of anything that doesn’t support what your soul longs to express, experience and heal. 

REPLENISH Your Energies (if you can, near water)…Mercury Retrograde signals the perfect time to PAUSE and take a little break from cell phone, texting, Facebook, twitter, etc. All of which may prove to be beneficial because the energies support you in Resting, Replenishing, Reflecting, Revising, etc. 

If any legal issues come up that can’t be delayed until after Mercury goes direct, make sure you read and re-read all contracts, and legal documents, obtain legal assistance, and be flexible as moving forward it may need to be changed or revised. Traveling during a Mercury Retrograde? Allow enough time and have a backup plan as it is possible to experience delays and/or lost luggage. 

Mercury Retrograde Checklist: 

The Perfect Time To… 

Meditate ~Tune Out and TUNE IN


Let go, let God


Balance Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Connect with old friends and/or people from your past, and heal the past.

Finish anything you started 

Clear out clutter and get organized

Pay old debts

Keep your promises

Maintain your integrity 

Pay attention to the messages in your dreams

Seeking employment? Revise your Resume and Reapply and Resubmit job applications 

Reflect on the repeating dysfunctional patterns in your life (i.e. same problem different face, here I go again, or why is this happening again?, etc.)

REMINDER:  Reflect, Relax, Review, Revisit, Revise, Reconcile, Rejuvenate and all the other words that being with RE, except  “React.” If you find yourself “reacting,” take a deep breath and remember that you and all concerned are at risk for being misunderstood (due to challenges with all forms of communication.