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TUNE IN by Debbie Nuccio Durrough


“I think the world is like a great mirror, and reflects our lives just as we ourselves look upon it” ~ L. Frank Baum

In the late fifties through the early seventies, it was an annual tradition in in our home and most middle class “nuclear” families to TUNE IN to the film, The Wizard of Oz on television. 

As a child, mother and grandmother, I have viewed The Wizard of Oz hundreds of times on television and the theater and never tire of it. 

The Wizard of Oz is still one of my favorite films and my love for this film expanded into an obsession with Oz memorabilia and a viewpoint that evolved into seeing Dorothy’s trip down the yellow brick road as a shamanic journey that mirrors my own journey.  

Like Dorothy, my life included some drama trauma, a search for something lost, missing or forgotten, and other  shamanic similarities such as, signs and messages in ordinary reality and dreams, seeing through my heart and even an out of body near death experience.   But, I am getting ahead of myself.  As Glinda the good witch said, "It's always best to start at the beginning and just follow the yellow brick road."  

Growing up I had a variety of reality models. To begin with, I was raised in an Italian Catholic family with a mother and father that were both gifted with the ability to TUNE IN.  In other words, their psychic senses were highly developed.   

It was perfectly normal in our home to hear Mama talking on the phone with her mother, my grandmother, about her premonitions based on signs, sounds, or a dream, along with our daddy saying, “Oh, I don’t believe in any of that."    

It wasn't that daddy didn't believe, he just didn’t like to talk about it or call attention to it. Daddy’s methods were more quiet and mystical like his father’s, Giuseppe (Joe) Nuccio, an Italian immigrant and beloved folk healer in his rural community. 

Just like Mama, Daddy could also read people and especially when he played cards (poker) and he always did well. He always seemed to win enough to pay for all their Vegas expenses and more. He also had the knack for being at the right place, at the right time and for the right reason. He could create, build, repair, heal and do just about anything and everything. 

 My sister and I were greatly  influenced by those early childhood experiences at home and from  My sister and I were greatly  influenced by all of my experiences at home and other experiences from attending Catholic school for eight years (12 years for my sister) with the Sisters of Mercy back in the sixties.  We were like two little sponges soaking up the Catholic world view along with Mama’s Sicilian beliefs, superstitions, rituals and my favorite, Mama’s method for analyzing dreams.  All of the above was as normal as breathing and eating in our home.  

My spiritual journey on a conscious level seems to have started when I received my First Communion (second grade). I remember kneeling with my face buried in my hands praying to God for a sign if my calling was to be a nun.  What child prays to God in the second grade about their calling in life? Perhaps a child influenced by her religion teacher and/or a child born with a 7-destiny (when the sum of all the letters in your given name add up to a 7). 

 I am grateful for my Catholic education and my parents guidance, as both gifted me a strong faith-based foundation, integrity and an over developed sense of responsibility and guilt.  All of which protected and kept my somewhat rebellious nature at bay and out of any serious trouble.  And, all of the other drama trauma in the first two decades of my life strengthened my ability to speak up for myself, never take no for an answer and contributed to the development of my feminist,   “Watch Me!” attitude when I built and grew Debra Durrough Insurance Agency back in the early 80's.  


Three years following the birth of my daughter I was dealing with a painful divorce. Out of the blue I found myself in the middle of a series of serendipitous events that led me to a bookstore in Long Beach, CA and to Dr. Beverly McLaughlin (Dr. B.). 

 \Long story short, Dr. B was my first Metaphysical teacher and she introduced me to the invisible world of energy, Numerology, Napoleon Hill in her Prosperity 101 classes (known today as the Law of  Attraction), psychic and self-awareness classes, dream interpretation, the language of spirit helpers, Metaphysical Bible studies, how to deal with the things that go bump in the night and more. 


Through Dr. B. I had an opportunity to attend a Numerology seminar and meet the world-famous Numerologist, Dr. Juno Jordan. My passion for Numerology (the science of names and numbers) has been greatly influenced by both Dr. B. and Dr. Juno Jordan. 


Next, I applied all that I learned from Dr. B.’s prosperity classes (the Law of Attraction) and created and grew a successful Insurance agency, Debra Durrough Allstate Insurance Agency for 30 years in Lakewood, CA. The business has since been transitioned to my son Jimmy (James Durrough) so that I could teach classes and facilitate events full time. 


After years of Metaphysical, holistic,  hospice and other spiritual studies with many wonderful teachers, and after experiencing what some may call paranormal experiences, (including an out of body near death experience), I've concluded and agree with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” 

I have also concluded that our soul acts like a magnet attracting people, places, things, and a variety of experiences and opportunities to support what our soul came here to ultimately enjoy, experience, express, empower and/or  heal. 


Following an out of body near death experience I found myself struggling to process the experience. Once again, I found myself at a cross roads and my path crossed with Renee Devereaux, a gifted medical intuitive, shaman, nutritionist, etc. I am most grateful for her wisdom, as I learned  more from her about nutrition, self-awareness and how to listen to the messages from my body and soul. 


There is a saying, "when the student is ready the teacher appears." Every  person and everything that shows up in my ordinary and non-ordinary reality is my teacher. 

I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers of old and new.   The following teachers listed below each appeared in my life at the right time, the right place and for the right reason.  I am most grateful for their love and wisdom.  

 My family and ancestors 

The Sisters of Mercy (especially Sister Mary de Porres) 

Dr. Beverly McLaughlin ~ Metaphysical Teacher 

Dr. Juno Jordan ~ Numerologist 

Eric Wagner ~ My husband 

Dr. Anne Reith ~ Reiki Master Teacher 

Valarie Rogers and Catherine Morris ~ Art Teachers 

Suzanne Bankin ~ Reiki Drumming Master Teacher 

Christine Stevens ~ HealthRHYTHMS and Drumming Mentor 

REMO HealthRHYTHMS Empowerment Training (Dr. Barry Bittman, M. D., Neurologist and Christine Stevens) 

Dr. Carl Buckhorn ~ Internist East West Medical Center 

Nate Batoon ~ Feng Shui Master Teacher 

Renee Devereaux ~ Nutritionist, medical intuitive, spiritual mentor/shaman, etc. 

There's more to my story, and if you like, you can read more in my soon to be released book, TUNE IN. My book also includes many topics, tips and tools that can help you strengthen your spiritual senses and ability to TUNE IN to the messages from your soul and spirit helpers.

Debbie offers intuitive readings and a variety of unique interactive classes and events that  support creative self-expression, self-empowerment, psychic development and wellness.   

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