Tune In With Debbie ~ Telephone Readings


 " I started Tuning In during childhood.  My spiritual senses strengthened over the years and transformed in new ways following an out of body near death experience" ~ Debbie Durrough

​​Debbie Nuccio Durrough is an empath that simply TUNES IN To your energy through my one or more of her psychic senses, as well as utilizing her skills as a Numerologist and oracle and tarot cards reader.  

Sessions typically include insights regarding how and when the collective and your personal energy cycles can best support you in expressing your full potential in one or more of the following areas:  Relationships, Business/Career, Finances, Hidden Gift/Talents, Travel, Family Tree Patterns and Soul Karma.   


Choose a Telephone Session, Email Reading, a Numerology Profile Chart or Home Party  

30 minute telephone session $45

60 minute telephone session $70


Decoz Personal Numerology Chart $25 (50 plus pages)

A great alternative to having a personal reading with Debbie. Includes:  Insights regarding your  Life Path,  Birthday, Expression, Minor Expression, Heart’s Desire, Minor Heart’s Desire, Personality, Maturity, L/E Bridge, H/P Bridge, Karmic Lessons, Hidden Passion, Planes of Expression, Plane of Expression: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Intuitive, Balance, Rational Thought, Cornerstone, Subconscious Self, Challenges, Pinnacles and Personal Year.  Also includs 12-month forecast (50 plus pages). 

Decoz Relationship Compatibility Chart $25

Profile Report Chart for two people.  Includes:   personality traits, strengths, areas of compatibility, possible challenges and how to work with the challenges and differences .  Also includes 12 month forecast. 

Numerology For Business Success Consultation $80 includes 30 minute telephone session.  Debbie  specializes in providing you with a detailed review of your business name for success.  Selecting the right business name and partner or none is crucial for the success of your business.  The business name and partner's name along with location and the goods and services provided by your business all need to be compatible with your core numbers.  Includes a 30 minute telephone session with Debbie and a detailed review of your business name and/or possible business names and all core numbers. 


Debbie is also available for home parties. She can provide your guests with 10-15 minute readings.  Pay only a flat rate based on the number of hours and approx. number of guests. Contact Debbie:  debbie@tuneintosound.com   Phone: 951.833.6597.